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Wild Rain Designs

Triple Stone Necklace

Triple Stone Necklace

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A gorgeous Damele on top with an Onyx and a green Kyanite spike that matches the green in the Damele stone. Definitely makes a statement in these earthy organic colors.  Damele is set on an etched and abstract shaped backplate and backside stamped with my makers mark and sterling.  Pendant hangs 4” long from top ring the chain threads through.  Damele (top stone) is 3/4” x1-1/2” long. Onyx (middle) is 1/4” x 7/8” and Kyanite spear is 1-1/8” long. Chain is 18” including hook and eye clasp.  All sterling silver was given a dark patina and polished back to show details.  

NOTE:  Damele is hard to get to for mining so it’s getting rarer to find.  It’s known best for bright green colors with a tight black spiderwebbing matrix, and can even go into yellow tones. It is a hard stone with a very unique look, similar to the Peacock, New Lander, Angel Wing, and Poseidon Mines. Can be either a Turquoise or Variscite. 

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